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A business where everybody can gain something, that is Direct Marketing. Direct Marketing has become the world's most popular way of doing business for everyday. Most of people depend on the sales in the whole world are through this effective medium of marketing by the support of human power. More than millions of people in different countries around the world are actively into this way of business. Most of the world's successful Multinational Companies including some of the more than Fortune 500 Companies follows the Direct Marketing system. It has been proved that Direct Marketing is the greatest revolution ever happened in the world marketing scenario.

MAA ADISHAKTI MULTI TRADE ENTERPRISES is a genuine unit with Head Office at Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. MAA ADISHAKTI MULTI TRADE ENTERPRISES is lead by a group of professionals from various fields. It is a Multi Trade Unit which has more than 16 years of experience in Direct Marketing. Now with an aim of creating new opportunities to the common man, by providing branded Health Care Products in order to make them easily available in a transparent business process offering a great flexibility to the consumer.

MAA ADISHAKTI MULTI TRADE ENTERPRISES offers a business opportunity which can transform a common man towards entrepreneurship. Here we fulfill their dreams of creating a new source of income which can change their lifestyle completely. Presenting an innovative and revolutionary idea with clear vision by a group of young entrepreneurs, we are sure that life is never going to be the same for all. We are selling branded products from reputed companies, adopting Direct Marketing skills where you are the Consumers, you are the Earners.

MAA ADISHAKTI MULTI TRADE ENTERPRISES has also engaged on sales RADISAFE & MAS Anti Radiation Mobile Chip & Health Care Products which has brought to all over India, RADISAFE & MAS Anti Radiation Mobile Chip which is currently used in more than 30 countries besides its extensive use in India. The activities include, Innovating Research based Unique Wellness Products, identifying unique Life Saving and Life Extending Products.

MAA ADISHAKTI MULTI TRADE ENTERPRISES Founder Sibhu Ram Sahoo now introduces Radisafe & MAS to the WORLD. MAA ADISHAKTI MULTI TRADE ENTERPRISES sincerely thanks to all those positive minded people around the World who are blessed to use these products and enjoy a safe life.

This is purely a multi trade unit intend help society from ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATION through RADISAFE & MAS Anti Radiation Mobile Chip. MAA ADISHAKTI MULTI TRADE ENTERPRISES's aim is SAVE YOUR LIFE FROM ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATION.

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