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 Ionic Mineral Drops
Ionic Mineral Drops are specially extracted from the most effective vegetative and most preferred innate climate on the earth, surrounding areas of Hawaii, USA, manufactured by Hawaiian Herbals. The very prominent name in the field of healthcare and wellness products Maa Adi shakti Multi Trade Enterprises has first time introduced this innovative product in India. Ionic Mineral Drops are unique and most natural solution to enhance proper cellular functioning in the body. This product is medically and scientifically proved and contains no side effects. These drops are produced under GMP regulations, have got internationally acclaimed HALAL Certification. Ionic Mineral Drops are 100% natural and has rich anti oxidant properties. This product works on cellular level and strengthens the auto immune system of the body naturally. This is truly a complete solution for giving balanced and healthy life. Ionic Mineral Drops repairs & rejuvenates the damaged cells and give them strength & life. Because of today’s unhealthy lifestyle and polluted atmosphere people are facing number of problems related to health and Ionic Mineral Drops gives miraculous effects on these problems. Claiming to be free of side effects, these are growing in popularity in Europe and around the world.
Ionic Mineral Drops is very safe and effective dietary supplement comprised of advanced Nano Particles introduced first time in India. Ionic Mineral Drops are the most natural combination of herbs taken from pollution free climate of Hawaii, extracted with the help of most modern Ionic Mineral Drops extraction technology. These herbs are grown under supervision of highly credentialed scientists and doctors and examined under strict testing criteria which ensure its efficacy and different benefits against various diseases like arthritis, asthma, skin diseases, allergies, liver problems, digestive problems, neurological disorders and hormonal imbalances. Ionic Mineral Drops works on Cellular level and they revitalize the weak cells and make their functioning proper. The rich antioxidant properties of Ionic Mineral Drops reduce the harmful free radicals from our body.
Ionic Mineral Drops Works
Strengthens weak body cells.
Boosts Auto Immune system.
Enhance Cellular Functioning.
Regulates Hormonal System.
Managing Hormonal Disorders.
Combat with Stress and hypertension.
Helpful in Neurological Disorders.
Enhances Good Sleep.
Improves Cardiovascular Functioning.
Detoxifies the body from Harmful Toxins.
Regulates blood sugar level in blood.
Normalizes high / low blood pressure.
Fights against Skin Diseases.
Revitalizes Skin and gives smooth texture.
Rejuvenates your Body.
Enhances your memory and other nerves functioning.
Anti Bacterial, Anti fungal Properties.
Gives Anti Inflammatory Effect.
Relaxes muscles, joints stiffness.
Aids in Wounds Healing.
Supports healthy endocrine system.
Regulates metabolic rate of body.
Fights against various kind of allergies.
Enhances proper liver Functioning.
Strengthens digestive system.
Fights against various skin allergies like acne, blemishes, pimples etc...
Salient Features
The purest and most recommended Nano Particles in the world.
Safe, Effective and very economical.
Rapidly absorbed into the skin.
Offers very convenient way of application.
100% Free from any added ingredients.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What makes IMD very effective & 100% natural ?
Ans: IMD are the most natural combination of herbs taken from pollution free climate of Hawaii, USA extracted with the help of most modern technology. This product works on cellular level and strengthens the auto immune system of the body naturally.
Q. Can I use this supplement with other prescribed medicines ?
Ans: Definitely, you can use IMD with other medicines. It is 100% herbal and carries no side-effect. So you can start IMD without doctor’s advise.
Q. Why should we use this product ?
Ans: IMD provides complete solution of various problems related to bones, muscles, and neurovascular, intestinal, cardiovascular system etc. So we recommend this product to everyone.
Q. How long IMD can be used ?
Ans: IMD is free from any kind of side effects , it can be used till the person observes satisfactory improvement in his body.
Q. How long it will take to recover from disease ?
Ans: This depends on person to person, in some cases we have observed excellent improvements in the use of just 15 days, and some recover in a month or more than month.
Q. What are the main points that IMD user should take care of ?
Ans: IMD user should strictly use the product, the way it is given in IMDusage column to have the excellent results for internal use.
Q. Is there any expiration date ?
Ans: No, the date mentioned on the bottle is best before use. But there is no expiration date is mentioned as such because IMDis naturally preserved & there is no bacterial growth.
Q. Can I use IMDwith other health supplements ?
Ans: Of course, you can. IMDcan be used with any health product as it’s natural preservation makes this free from any kind of side effects and experience no bacterial growth.
Q. Why should we use IMD in place of other products already available in the market ?
Ans: IMD contains 100% pure and natural herbs and other important ionic trace minerals. IMD user follows very strict quality standards to maintain the purity of raw ingredients.
Q. How does IMD work on skin problems ?
Ans: I must say, IMD is treasure for healthy skin.It provides all the required nutrients for healthy skin in the body while using internally. It really works on various skin related problems like acne problem, rashes, blemishes, and highly therapeutic and healing to skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema etc...
Q. Will IMD applied topically produce any laxative effect ?
Ans: No, there is no chance of having laxative effect in the body.
Q. Should I continue using other trace mineral supplements orally with IMD ?
Ans: Yes, You can continue with that as these supplements are naturally preserved and experience no side effects.
Q. Is IMD safe to use for children ?
Ans: Definitely. They are not only safe but also therapeutic.
Note : This is purely a dietary supplement. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your health care professional.
High Fever & chronic Pain
Two months back I was suffering from this problem. My physician suggested me to take complete rest & proper medicines. But despite of following all the instructions my problems were decreasing day by day. My husband brought me bottle of IMD and I started using this supplement. Now I am completely fine and I would recommend everyone to use this miracle supplement. Thanks to IMD !
Olivier Quintin, Age-32 Yrs ( Strasbourg, france )
My son developed this high fever. This really affected his health very much. We followed every instruction of our physician. But there was very little improvement seen in his condition. Then our family friend Mr. Joseph suggested us to use this IMD regularly. This is 100 % natural products so we used this as per the dosage chart. And there was tremendous improvement noticed in his health. He completely recovered from this chronic problem in just 15 days.
Dorian Plouffe, Age-35 Yrs ( Montbeliard, France )
I really appreciate the great effort of Shri Maa Adi Shakti to launch such a wonderful product in India. In May, my mother was diagnosed with high fever, chronic infection in stomach. Her condition was very critical. She was given proper medication but nothing was proving beneficial for her. Our family physician suggested us to use IMD with medicines. She used this product on regular basis & within 4-5 days, her condition improved much.
Gemeira Loffmann, Age-56 Yrs ( Haguenau, France )
We are really very much surprised with IMD results over high fever. I was diagnosed with infectious fever. High fever, irritation & severe weakness really disturbed my life totally. I was hospitalized for 10 days due to this problem & nothing was giving me relief. But with this miraculous product really proved as a life saver to me. I came out of danger due to this IMD.
Ashish Vaidya, Age-52 Yrs ( Pasan, chattisgarh )
I was continuously struggling with some kind of Flu this summer. Medicine was giving me temporary relief from infection but my problem incurred again & again. I am really at a loss to understand its exact reason. My physician also suggested me to take some supplement as that caused severe weakness in me. Then I started taking IMD as per the dosage chart regularly & within 2 weeks my problem completely diminished. I got complete relief from this problem.
Toussaint Collignon, Age-32 Yrs ( Strasbourg, france )
My son developed flu last month. He was regularly suffering from nausea, cold, cough & throat infection due to this flu. That really created very bad impact on his health. He was on heavy anti biotics but of no use. After some days problem was recurred again & again. Then one day his school colleague’s mother brought IMD for him. She told her benefits & because the product is natural we started using this product. And my son really got relief from this, after just one week of taking this. Really IMD works !
Joscelin Delatte, Age-46 Yrs ( Macon, France )
This letter is to just say thanks to Shri Maa Adi Shakti , we really are very grateful to their product IMD. My wife had been suffering from heavy cough & flue for last one year. Her health was deteriorating day by day. Frequent fever, cough really made her disturbed all the day. Then our physician suggested us to use IMD regularly. She started this supplement half heartedly as we have already tried many supplement. But to my surprise she started improving very fast. And in one month she is completely out of this disease.
Ashmit Pathania, Age-39 Yrs ( Vada, Maharashtra )
Swine Flu
This product has wonderful effect on my problem. I was diagnosed with this terrible disease. I really got afraid because I knew many people even died of this dreadful disease. I was continuously suffering from diarrhea, cough, nausea & fever. I was like on death bed. But along with medicines I took IMD regularly. And in fewer 15 days I was completely fine. Really this amazing product has saved my life !
Payton Jurian, Age-27 Yrs ( Rayleigh, U.K )
Swine flu is very much spreading this rainy season. When I went on my trip to Sri Lanka, I was diagnosed with H1N1 flue. My family really worried about my health as we all know this is very dangerous disease. My problem was increasing day by day by high fever, cold& cough, headache. These really disturbed my health a lot. I was really looking for some miracle to happen & save my life. My office colleague came to see me & he suggested using IMD. And believe me within 15 days I completely was able to recover from this problem. My humble & warm thanks to Shri Maa Adi Shakti !
S Patil, Age-37 Yrs ( Gurha, Rajasthan )
Arthritis made my life miserable; I was continuously suffering from stiffness, severe pains in knee, hips joints. But I am really thankful to my niece who told me about IMD and its effectiveness. That was quite surprising how she recovered from this disease. Within just 2-3 months of regular use, I am feeling such a relief of pains and body stiffness. I really recommend this product to everyone who is suffering from this chronic disease.
Eleonora Mancini, Age-31 Yrs ( Alghera. Italy )
I am 40 years old working woman. During my daily working activities I suddenly started feeling pain in hands, legs. This pain disturbed me all the day. I was feeling so weak and found myself unable to walk. Then I consulted my physician & he told me about arthritis which we often heard about. Then I started doing regular exercises and took proper medicines. Then one of my colleagues suggested me to use IMD and I got such a relief from pain in hardly 10-12 days. I feel myself full of energy.
Alekha, Age-40 Yrs ( Dhule, Maharashtra )
My 23 year old son suddenly developed shortness of breath and causing coughing and difficulty in breathing. That was really a matter of great concern for me as he is so young and how we will cope with this fatal disease. There is currently no cure for asthma, and no single exact cause has been identified. Therefore, understanding the changes that occur in asthma, how it makes you feel, and how it can behave over time is essential. Then my physician told me about IMD and my son started taking this supplement. Within few days I realized that he is improving day by day and retuned back to normal life.
Quinlan Chaopman, Age-39 Yrs ( Glinton, U.K )
I am suffering from asthma patient for the last 12 years regularly dependent on medicines, and dealing with so many related problems. Sometimes I really found much difficulty in breathing then I had to use mouth pump. I became so weak due to this problem. Three months back my brother brought IMD bottle for me. When I used this product regularly I started feeling myself much relaxed. This product helped me a lot to fight against this disease. Thanks !
Shakuntala Parmar, Age-45 Yrs ( Sarkaghat, H.P )
Back Pain
Due to some abdominal disorders I developed back pain 3 years ago. I was suffering from severe pain in my back and pain became so worse while doing any physical activity. I started feeling numbness and weakness in the part of legs. One day I heard about IMD from one of my relative, who was also suffering from that disease. And she told me about effectiveness of this product. I too started taking this supplement, and within 5-6 weeks my pain was completely cured. I am really thankful to IMD !
Hiltrude Hofmann, Age-37 Yrs ( Stadtlohn, Germany )
I was suffering from back pain for the last 5 years. It was getting harder to sit and walk as time passed. I took so many treatments. Also did physical exercise, taking care of my posture when I was sitting, but I felt little improvement. When I discussed my problem with my sister in law, she suggested me to use IMD. And with its regular usage, I got much relaxed. This product changed my life fully.
Samresh Kumar, Age-44 Yrs ( Bhatapara, Chhattisgarh )
I used many products to relieve constipation, including laxatives, lubricants, saline laxatives, combination medicines. I was a patient who had suffered constipation for many years. This disease made me uncomfortable all the day. That results poor appetite and disturbing my health completely. Taking simple diet was not working on this disease. Then, I started taking IMD. And I got complete cure from this disease. I regained my physical and mental peace after so many years. And I am thankful to your company for introducing such an effective product.
Veronique Riendeau, Age-34 Yrs ( Haguenau, France )
Due to some abnormalities in digestive system, I was suffering from constipation for the last 2 year. I used so many herbal medicines, changed my eating habits and did yoga practices but that did not give me complete solution. My son told me about IMD, and then I started using this supplement on regular basis. And in 7-8 days my problem has gone, all because of IMD.
Chetan Sharma, Age-29 Yrs ( Bhuntar, Himachal Pradesh )
Kidney Stones
I am sharing my father’s experience with you. He was recurring kidney stone patient. He was having a hard time with the pain he was having in his right side and blood in his urine. He had Lithotripsy, but that did nothing. That really disturbed us and didn't know what to do. Then my family friend suggested me IMD. And believe me in a very short period my father has started recovering from the miserable situation. The problem has diminished substantially !
Racquel Murphy, Age-33 Yrs ( Kempsten, U.K )
I was suffering from Kidney stones, one of very lethal disease. Severe pains and complications made my life miserable. I was given number of stone treatment so that my problem could reduce to some extent. My family friend who is a doctor himself, advised us to take some natural solution with medicines also. Then we started using IMD, which has shown its positive effect in very short period of use. Now I have returned back to normal life. Thanks to IMD and its entire team !
Om prakash Tripathi, Age-51 Yrs ( Chandauli, UP )
One of my good friends was suffering from this disease. He started living alone, always sad. And his irritable mood made him unable to work, sleep, eat and enjoy various activities. His family was really worrying about his negative attitude towards life. Then regular use of IMD proved miracle in his life. And now he is completely out of this serious disease. IMD really changed my friend’s life.
Desideria Greco, Age-37 Yrs ( Lanusei, Italy )
I had never thought that one day I would be free from this disease. But my heartiest gratitude to IMD, this product changed my miserable life and gave me new meaning of life. Depression is very critical disease; it can lead one’s life to death so everybody in my family was worried about this. But IMD regular usage changed my life and I am completely out of this problem.
Sukhram Singh, Age-39 Yrs ( Paprola, Himachal Pradesh )
I am writing this letter with full of joy and gratitude. IMD really worked on this disease and now I am leading a normal life. I was suffering from this disease for the last 15 years and trust me I spent lots of money on that but nothing worked. Taking lots of medicines for many years also disturbed my immune system. I had started gaining fats, low blood pressure and developed so many intricacies in my body. But within 2-3 months, this product has really helped me to combat with this disease and I really feel myself healthy. This product really helps to fight against this fatal disease.
Adelaide Rainville, Age-35 Yrs ( Rees, Germany )
I have been dealing with Diabetes for the last 10 years. Many other complications started in my body, like pain in legs, severe weakness, weak eyesight etc. My life was like hell. When I started using IMD, my problems really started reducing. I have personally noticed tremendous change in my body. I am feeling myself much relieved that is because of IMD.
Bhupinder Singh Walia, Age-54 Yrs ( Khamanon, Punjab )
I am diabetic for the last 10 years. Extreme fatigue, excessive urination, poor vision and sudden loss of weight made my life miserable. Even I found myself unable to walk. I was feeling like I am on death bed. My complications were increasing day by day. But I really want to thank IMD team from the bottom of my heart for saving my life. In the time of 10-12 days I noticed marvelous recovery from this disease. Where I had lost all my hopes of living normal life, I am enjoying my life with the regular use of IMD.
Sumitra Trikha, Age-53 Yrs ( Lukwasa, Madhya Pradesh )
I have been dealing with Diabetes for the last 10 years. Many other complications started in my body, like pain in legs, severe weakness, weak eyesight etc. My life was like over. When I started using IMD, my problems really started reducing. I have personally noticed tremendous change in my body. I am feeling myself much relieved that is because of IMD.
Saroj Bala, Age-56 Yrs ( Dewas, Madhya Pradesh )
Being an epileptic patient, my life was totally full of darkness. As all you know that patients with epilepsy mostly have cognitive impairments which effect attention, memory, mental speed and language as well as professional and social life, I was completely dependent on anti-epileptic medicines for 6 years. After using IMD in 2-3 months I felt tremendous improvement in my condition. Now I am regularly taking IMD with my medicines. My doctor has already reduced the drugs quantity that I was having for so many years. That was all because of IMD !
Edouard Baize, Age-24 Yrs ( Epernay, France )
Epilepsy had made my life worse. My problem spoiled my life completely. I was not living; I was just suffering every day. Epileptical attacks made me so weak physically as well as mentally. My parents were so worried about my disease. I was not having an inch relief from this suffering. But now I am feeling full of life and much relieved after the regular use of IMD. This product has changed my life.
Nadish Patil, Age-27 Yrs ( Barshi, Maharashtra )
I had developed this disease by taking unhealthy and unhygienic food as my working hours are such. I was really feeling very disturbed, my stomach started to cramp and my neck and shoulders ached. Then one of my neighbors suggested me to take IMD & believe me, I got relief from this disease in very short time.
Julie Habert, Age-31 Yrs ( Tadcaster, U.K )
I suffered a lot because of gastroenteritis. Regular pains in stomach and back were intolerable. Many more complications had also disturbed my life like loss of appetite, irritable behavior. I took many medicines for its cure. But after some days it recurred. I got such a relief after continuous use of IMD. Now I enjoy my meal completely. IMD has solved my problem in an amazing way.
Janaki Dave, Age-34 Yrs ( Amreli, Gujarat )
As this is one of very common disease today, I was also suffering from headache. I guess I developed this disease from working under stress and having lot of tension regarding work. I had very frequent headaches that seemed to be centered in the bone behind my ear. When I started using IMD this problem has completely gone. Thanks to IMD !
Lewenhart Moller, Age-36 Yrs ( Mettmann, Germany )
I am a college student just 21 years old. I was continuously dealing with headache from my school days. These severe pains created lot of disturbances during my studies. I was a bright student but still could not give good results because of this headache. But one day my lecturer advised me to take IMD, and its regular use gave me such a relief from headache. I am so much thankful to IMD for giving me a healthy & normal life.
Theodobald Walter, Age-30 Yrs ( Vreschen-Bokel, Germany )
Arthritis, Hypertension, Diabetes
I am a diabetic patient for last 15 years. But for the last few years I was also suffering from arthritis and hypertension. That completely turned my life miserable. But IMD really proved effective in controlling and treating these problems. Now I am taking this product on regular basis and leading a healthy life.
Michel Bernard, Age-36 Yrs ( Rixheim, France )
Knee Pain
When I was regularly consulting my physician for the treatment of knee pain, even I was not getting relief from this disease. I was feeling very low all the time; my knee problem was increasing day by day. One day my colleague suggested me IMD. And I used this product with little hope. But guess what she was right I got complete relief from such a painful problem within 2-3 weeks.
Gervais Bader, Age-55 Yrs ( Saumer, France )
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