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 MAS Anti Radiation - Mobile Chip
What is the proven solution for the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation ?
An American Scientist, after years of back-breaking research and studies, invented an Electromagnetic Radiation shielding neutralizer designed to compensate the negative effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on the human body.
The man-made electromagnetic fields are structurally different from the electromagnetic fields found in nature including the subtle low frequency electromagnetic fields that our body's cells use to communicate with each other. The natural fields are RANDOM (or "noisy") in their frequency, amplitude and waveform, whereas the artificial Electromagnetic Field are REGULAR and constant. For example, Electromagnetic Field from cell phones appear as regular bursts of microwave radiation, Electromagnetic Field from computer monitors are saw-tooth shapes, and Electromagnetic Field from AC-powered devices are sinusoidal. Our cells respond negatively to such regular fields, become stressed and try to protect themselves.
Here's what happens when your cell is exposed to cell phone radiation :
A sensor in the membrane of the biological cell is triggered by the invading radio wave.
Once the membrane recognition occurs, a series of protective biochemical reactions are initiated inside the cell as a means of cellular protection.
Among these protective reactions are stress protein responses that serve to effectively "harden" the cell membrane and disrupt active transport.
The "membrane hardening" effect then causes an intracellular build-up of waste products and toxins, including highly reactive free radicals.
These free radicals have been shown in studies to result in both cellular dysfunction (evidenced by studies showing leakage in the blood-brain barrier following Electromagnetic Radiation exposure), and in interference with normal DNA repair processes (evidenced by studies showing the presence of micronuclei in cells following Electromagnetic Radiation exposure). These effects have been shown to lead to formation of disease. Several experiments have shown these effects eliminated when Electromagnetic Radiation exposure was removed.
Kaisulea Energy Resonance Technology (KERT)-Shield device helps to avoid the adverse cell response simply by superimposing an optimal random field or 'noise field' on the bio-effecting electromagnetic field, thus making the resulting field random and the exposure neutral on a biological level. In other words, the Electromagnetic Radiation is no longer a signal to the cell, and no triggering results. This occurs without disturbing the function and operation of your cell phone.
Kaisulea Energy Resonance Technology (KERT)-Shield is made of a special polymer compound with high dielectric constant. In the presence of external electromagnetic field it emits subtle low frequencies electromagnetic oscillations (the 'noise field') that resemble resonance frequencies of living cells in the body. These oscillations compensate and neutralize the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation generated by cell phones and electronic devices while simultaneously providing support for cellular functions in the body.
Kaisulea Energy Resonance Technology (KERT)-Shield does not reduce the intensity of Electromagnetic Radiation; it neutralizes the negative effects of Electromagnetic Radiation by changing the quality of the field rather than reducing the Electromagnetic Radiation intensity. Any type of device that claims to reduce or suppress Electromagnetic Radiation intensity can create even worse problems for the cellular structures of the body. First of all it will suppress the electromagnetic processes in the cells as these processes are thousand times weaker than Electromagnetic Radiation generated by any electronic appliances.
The noise-field technology was initially developed as a result of the research funded by US Army in 1986. The Army was concerned about the effects of radiation from communication equipment on key personnel. The research uncovered the connection between the constancy in Electromagnetic Field wave and the cell's trigger response. They then discovered that by superimposing a random field on the Electromagnetic Field wave, the Electromagnetic Field -induced biological effects are eliminated.
Day in and day out, you may be exposing yourself to more stress than you thought by simply using your Cell phones, Bluetooth, PDAs, Computers, Laptops, Televisions etc. To know more please click FAQ of EMR.
The Only Biological proven way to eliminate damaging effects of Electromagnetic Radiation.
"Proprietary KERT American Technology" proven to neutralize the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from Cell phones, Bluetooth, PDAs, Computers, Laptops, Televisions etc.

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The Cell Chip is the most effective and proven Electromagnetic radiation safeguard solution in the market today for Cell phones, Bluetooth, PDAs, Computers and Laptops etc. & all other EMR emitting devices.
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