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Antiradiation bracelet is created to heal all parts of the human body; can also improve the blood circulation in the human body cells which simultaneously improves the blood circulation in the human body. It reduces the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations. This radiation is also called invisible killer, because it can cause the function obstacles of central nervous system which can cause many symptoms, such as headache, dizziness, insomnia, hair loss etc and for severe case may cause cancer.

Need of antiradiation bracelet

•         all the illness is caused by disturbance in the flow of energy in the human body

•         it maintains the flow of energy, improves blood circulation

•         prevents from different diseases caused by radiations

Health benefits

•         it prevents from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations

•         it improves blood circulation

•         it improves immune power

•         it enhances energy level and vitality

•         it regulates blood pressure

•         it enhances body, brain and mental power

•         it helps in insomnia or sleeplessness, relieves stress and anxiety

•         it relieves from constipation and respiratory problems

•         it reduces pain in arthritis and rheumatism, backache, headache etc.

•         it assists your body to heal itself faster

•         it promote cell regeneration

•         it is used in cancer also

Directions for use

Just wear it on your wrist.


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