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The miracles of nature's healing power. Biodisc is made through heat fusion and nanotechnology in germany. Natural minerals have been re-engineered and structurally bonded in glass at the molecular level. The combined processes accelerate a molecular conversion within the minerals, resulting in an increase in the minerals' natural resonance (the rate at which it absorbs energy). The improved natural resonance of the minerals is then embedded in the biodisc.


When any liquid is passed through the bio frequency created by the biodisc, the molecular structure of the liquid is reformed to a peak condition. The liquid will be energized or vivified. Vivify means "to endow with life or renewed life"; "to impart vitality".


How can you create energized liquid?

•        place a glass of water or liquid on top of the biodisc (or vice versa) for 10-15 mins.

•        for a 1 litre bottle, we recommend a minimum influence period of 40 mins. The longer the period of influence, the more energized the liquid.

•        for quick energizing, run the water over the biodisc. This will allow the 'spin energy' of the biodisc to affect the water molecular structure and resonance. (energising the water)

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