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Now days magnetic bracelets are widely used to solve many health problems related to diabetes, blood pressure problems, some of dangerous pains of an human body. Biomagnetic bracelet is the functional application of magnets to the body to stimulate various nerves and create a better flow of blood into various parts of the body, it is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body parts for healing purpose. Magnetic bracelet is the use of magnets to treat many medical conditions, including cancer, rheumatoid disease, stress-related illness and body pain.


While the use of magnets for healing has a centuries-old history, only recently have some controlled studies been done which demonstrate the effectives of magnetic field therapy over various internal injuries. Biomagnetic bracelets offered by us are well known for their quality and robustness, these biomagnetic bracelet solve many present health problems, improving blood flows and to enhance day to day living. Our biomagnetic bracelet is appreciated in the world wide market and we are offering them at very affordable price.

how to use magnetic bracelet: iron makes up about 4% of the blood that flows through the body. Since iron is attracted to magnets, when magnetic objects are placed on a specific area of the body this attracts the blood flow to that area. This brings increased oxygen and nutrients to the area and the muscles, since they are also getting increased blow flow, tend to lengthen and become more relaxed. In a typical treatment, small magnets are attached to the acupuncture points of the body by means of adhesive tape. As the magnets polarize they act in a pulsating manner much like that of manipulating acupuncture needles, with the exception that there is no insertion of needles into the body and no pain associated with this therapy. 

benefits of biomagnetic bracelet: biomagnetic bracelet will help to improves immune power, biomagnetic bracelet help to regulates blood pressure, enhances energy level, help all type of chronic and critical disease & biomagnetic therapy fights against cancer.


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