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Cogent Anti Radiation Mobile Chip is the solution to protect our selves from exposure to EMR from mobile phones. It acts as a shield between your Body & your mobile phone protecting ear tissues as well as the other sensitive part of our head. Cogent anti radiation chip has an neutralizing effect to neutralize harmful radiation.

Cogent is made of layers of Radiation neutralizing materials specially suited for the frequency of the Mobile Phone in a protective plastic casing, giving the maximum protection from radiation (EMR). All we need to do is just to paste the Cogent anti radiation chip mobile chip on the voice receiving part of your mobile phone.

Cogent does not interfere with the audio signals of your mobile, but effectively eliminates the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation, in simple words it filters the radiation and does not allow the Harmful radiation to cross, only refined voice is received, for which technical data is here under:

Technical Data:

·         Radiation safe wire mesh from Y-shield-Germany

·         Silver,Nickel,Copper coated metal sieve for protection from dust.

·         Shielding Attenuation up to 47dB* (The dB known as decibel scale which measures sound based on human hearing)

·         Material thickness- 0.15 mm

·         Standards maintained- MIL-Standard 285,IEEE-STD 299,VG-Standard 95 370-15,KS03

·         Casing in soft and standard plastic & comes in Classic Blister Pack

·         Standard adhesive used for weather & water proofing

·         Service Life is life long until damaged.

MRP : Price: 599/-


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