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 Fir infrared bracelet is manufactured and marketed by maa adishakti multi trade enterprisers, an iso 9001:2008 certified company. This fir infrared pendent is created to heal all parts of the human body; can also improve the blood circulation in the human body cells which simultaneously improves the blood circulation in the human body. Far-infrared rays are part of the sunlight spectrum which is invisible to the naked eye. It is also known as biogenetic ray (between 6 to 14 microns). Biogenetic rays have been proven by scientists to promote the growth and health of living cells especially in plants, animals and human beings. Fir causes resonance with water molecules. It ionizes and activates water molecules in our cells and blood thus improving our blood circulation and health condition. The human body contains more that 70% of water by weight. It helps in warming and eliminating fats, chemicals and toxins from our blood and thus leads to smooth flow of blood.

Health benefits

•         it improves blood circulation

•         it improves immune power

•         it enhances energy level and vitality

•         it regulates blood pressure

•         it enhances body, brain and mental power

•         it helps in insomnia or sleeplessness, relieves stress and anxiety

•         it relieves from constipation and respiratory problems

•         it reduces pain in arthritis and rheumatism, backache, headache etc.

•         it assists your body to heal itself faster

•         it promote cell regeneration

•         it is used in cancer also

Directions for use

Just wear it on your wrist.


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