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Hawaiian Herbal, Hawaii, USA - Activated Fiber Capsules - 60 Capsules (Buy 1 Get Same Drops Free)

Hawaiian Activated fiber capsules, a blend of dietary fiber's including citrus and oat, are a convenient way to increase your intake of healthy fiber daily. It is a combination of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber's, helps to curb appetite by providing a feeling of fullness and reducing the indulgence to over eat. Adequate dietary fiber is essential for good health. In addition to help curb appetite, a high-fiber diet may support weight reduction by helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


Hawaiian activated fiber capsule contains high-quality dietary fiber from oats, orange, pea and other ingredients that help lower fat absorption rate while increasing fiber intake.

Health benefits

•         the natural ingredients in activated fiber provide the necessary dietary fiber to facilitate healthy elimination of toxins, helps in internal cleansing

•         it helps to lose weight as provide a feeling of fullness and reduce the urge or craving for unhealthy foods

•         it reduces fat absorption rate because activated fiber promote a healthy elimination of food metabolites, lowers the amount of fat that is absorbed by the body

•         it helps in maintaining blood glucose levels, thus can help in diabetes

•         it helps in digestion and prevents from gastrointestinal disorders like constipation, indigestion etc

•         it enhances energy, stamina and athletic performance

Activated fiber capsules supports health cardiovascular system

Directions for use:

Take one capsule twice daily on an empty stomach or at least half an hour before morning and evening meal. For better result, continue to use for 6-12 months.

Serving size: 1 capsule

Serving per container: 60 capsules


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