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Hawaiian Herbal, Hawaii, USA - Co Enzyme Q10 Drops - 30ml (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

(MRP - RS. 999.00) SELLING PRICE - RS.509.00

Hawaiian Herbal Co Enzyme Q10 Drop Is A Halal & Kosher Certified Dietary Supplement, Marketed In India By Maa Adishakti Multi Trade Enterprisers In Collaboration With Hawaiian Herbals, Usa. It Is 100% Natural Product Produced Under International Gmp Regulations. It Has A Unique Combination Of Essentials Such As Co Enzyme Q 10, L- Arginine, Vitamin E And Methylcobalamin Which Are Known To Be Good For Maintaining Healthy Heart.

Different Ingredients And Their Health Benefits Present In This Formulation:

It Contains Co Enzyme Q 10, L- Arginine, Vitamin E And Methylcobalamin. It Produces Energy For Cell Growth And Maintenance. It Helps In Improving Stamina And Exercise Performance. It Functions As An Antioxidant. It Is Used For Treating Cardiovascular Diseases. It Improves Blood Circulation. It Is Used For Heart And Blood Vessel Conditions Including Congestive Heart Failure, Chest Pain, High Blood Pressure, And Coronary Artery Disease. It Is Used In Erectile Dysfunction And Male Infertility. It Helps In Improving Athletic Performance. It Boosts The Immune System, And Preventing Inflammation Of The Digestive Tract In Premature Infants. It Is Having Anti-Ageing Effects, Nourishes Skin And Keeps The Brain Active. It Has Powerful Antioxidant Property. It Reduces The Risk Of Sunstroke And Heart Diseases Like Atherosclerosis, Heart Attack, Chest Pain, Leg Pain Due To Blocked Arteries, And High Blood Pressure. It Is Used For Improving Physical Endurance, Increasing Energy, Reducing Muscle Damage After Exercise, And Improving Muscle Strength. It Is Used For Preventing Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer'S Disease, Parkinson'S Disease, Cataracts, Asthma, Respiratory Infections, Skin Disorders, Infertility, Impotence, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Peptic Ulcers, For Certain Inherited Diseases And To Prevent Allergies. It Is Used To Treat Pernicious Anemia, A Serious Type Of Anemia That Is Due To Vitamin B12 Deficiency. It Is Also Used For Alzheimer'S Disease. It Helps In Boosting Feeling And Concentration. It Produces Energy. It Strengthens The Immune System. It Helps In Lowering High Homocystein Levels (Which May Contribute To Heart Disease). It Is Used In Male Infertility, Diabetes, Sleep Disorders, Depression, Mental Disorders, Osteoporosis, Swollen Tendons, Aids, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Asthma, Allergies, Cancers, And Skin Infections.

Directions: Take 10 drops twice daily on an empty stomach or half an hour before meal. Please continue for 6-12 months regularly for optimum results.

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