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Hawaiian Herbal, Hawaii, USA - Eleuthero Capsules - 60 Capsules (Buy 1 Get Same Drops Free)

Mrp - Rs - 999,Selling Price - Rs - 624

Hawaiian Eleuthero capsules is an excellent product formulated and designed by maa adishakti multi trade enterprisers, an iso 9001:2008 certified company in partner with hawaiian herbals located in hawaii, usa. It has been carrying a plenty of benefits in eastern medicine for thousands of years enjoying a history of both safety and effectiveness. The eleuthero root used in this product is carefully selected based on high eleutheroside concentration, the plants active therapeutic compounds delivering maximum effectiveness.

Health Benefits: Siberian Ginseng is often called an adaptogen, strengthen the body and increase general resistance to daily stress. Siberian ginseng is used for conditions of the heart and blood vessels such as high blood pressure, low blood pressure, atherosclerosis, and rheumatic heart disease. It enhances memory, used in alzheimer's disease and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. It is used to improve athletic performance and the ability to do work, used in chronic fatigue syndrome. It is also used to treat sleep problems (insomnia). It is also used to boost the immune system, prevent colds, flu, and increase appetite. It is also used for kidney diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis. it decreases blood glucose level, used in diabetes.  It is also used for treating the side effects of cancer chemotherapy. 

Directions: Take one capsule twice daily on an empty stomach or at least half an hour before morning and evening meal. For better result, continue to use for 6-12 months.

Caution: As with any supplement, if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication, consult your doctor before use, Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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