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Hawaiian Herbal, Hawaii, USA - Kasly Marget Tablets - 60 Tablets (Buy 1 Get Same Drops Free)

(Mrp - Rs. 999.00) Selling Price - Rs.741.00

This is to share detailed information on kasly marget plus tablets exclusively launched in india by maa adishakti multi trade enterprisers and sourced from hawaiian herbals, hawaii, usa. Kasly marget tablets is a unique product which is widely known to support immune system and provides healthy skin. Hawaiian marget plus tablets is halal & kosher certified product that produced under international gmp regulations. With several features such as strengthens immune system,provides healthy skin and manages metabolic rate.kasly marget plus tablet may give significant results in hormone balancing specially estrogen secretion which is considered to be very important hormone for women heath,kidney & urethra functions etc.this product is excellent combination of ingredients which gives excellent results in such problems. Ingredients: soy isoflavone 520mg magnesium stearate 64.4mg radix paeoniac alba extract 300mg polythene pyrrolidone 75.6mg starch 40mg this unique product is excellent combination of herbs and ingredients which gives excellent results in many problems. 

Benefits: helps balancing harmons. Provides complete nutrients to the body. Maintains health, kidney & urethra functions. Lower the aging process. Strengthens our immunity system. Provides healthier and glowing skin. One of the best supplements for women.  Reduces anxiety, irritability and fatigue. Note; this product is not a medicine & not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease.please consult your healt care physician. Hawaiian mace tablets come in attractive packaging of 60 herbal tablets and it is recommended to take 1 tablet (800mg each) morning & evening half an hour before meal. For better results please continue for 6-12 months regularly.

This product is available at size: 60 tablets (1000 mg) label and picture has been attached for your ready reference. For further information, please feel free to contact us. Awaiting your favorable feedback on above. Thanks & regards customer service department maa adishakti multi trade enterprisers 7704, santna road, bhandup, industrial area, mumbai 400078 (india).

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