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Hawaiian Herbal, Hawaii, USA - Methi hills tablets - 60 tablets

Mrp - Rs - 999,Selling Price - Rs -715

As per many scientific clinical trials it has proved fenugreek has strong healing effects and is considered to be very valuable anti-inflammatory herb and may help relieve symptoms related to joints pain, stiffness & also known to possess good effects on healthy uterine functions in the body. It also helps to maintain healthy sugar level, and elevate prolactin level in the body.

On this note maa adishakti multi trade enterprisers has come with wonderful fenugreek product called as methi hills.

This products has been manufactured by hawaii, usa based our healthcare range partner hawaiian herbals incorporating more health & wellness in our splendid range of health product. Regular studies & research has been done in context of giving better health to customer. This product is halal & kosher certified and also has been produced under gmp regulations.

Major health benefits of this product discussed below:

Maintains uterine function proper

Regulates insulin level in the body

Controls cholesterol

Healthy heart functions

Healthy digestive system

Healer in bone & joints pain

Promotes anti inflammation in the body

Promotes healthy sugar level

Normalize hormonal secretion in the body

Methi hills tablets come in attractive packaging of 60 herbal tablets and it is recommended to take 1 tablet (500mg each) morning & evening half an hour before meal. For better results please continue for 6-12 months regularly.

Size: 60 tablets (500 mg)

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