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Hawaiian Herbal, Hawaii, USA - Spirulina Tablet - 60 Tablets (Buy 1 Get Same Drops Free)

(Mrp - Rs. 999.00) Selling Price - Rs.754.00

Maa adishakti multi trade enterprisers has launched hawaiian spirulina tablet first time in india in collaboration with hawaiian herbals, hawaii, usa. This is 100% natural product & produced under gmp regulations. This is halal & kosher acclaimed product. The key feature of this product is that it contains spirulina ecologically grown in hawaii in a area that is pesticide and herbicide free.

Hawaiian spirulina tablet is a highly nutritious health food which is an excellent source of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals. This highly alkaline seaweed can be readily digested and easily assimilated by the human body. It is an ideal food supplement for achieving vital health and energy. Spirulina is known as a 'complete protein' due to the fact that it contains all the essential amino acids.

Hawaiian spirulina is rich and balanced nutrients which is perfect for the development of brain cells. It is a well-known source of nutrients for children and adults for the development and maintenance of brain cells. It is the best alkaline food for you and your family. Elken spirulina is a rich source of nutrients for people of all ages, particularly athletes, older people, pregnant women, vegetarians & children.

Benefits of hawaiian spirulina tablet:

Regulates blood pressure

Prevents from respiratory problems

Contains anti tumor properties

Anti carcinogenic

Prevents from blood clotting

Boost energy levels

Control appetite

Maintain healthy cardiovascular function

Support the liver and kidneys

Reduce inflammation

Benefit people who suffer from allergies

Makes you looking young & full of energy

Helps to prevent the problem of sensitive dermatitis in children

Helps in skin related problems

Enhances memory retention

Helps to prevent pernicious anemia

Boost the immune system

Improve digestion

Reduce fatigue

Build endurance

Nature's detoxifier - cleanse the body

One tablet (each 800mg) twice a day with water half an hour before meal. For better results use 6 months regularly. Like when you switch to healthy diet & life style then you won't find the results in a day. But after 20 or 30 days you will notice difference in your health. Same way hawaiian spirulina works on the basis of feedback received from its consumers you may notice some results in merely use of 15 to 20 days. As this product first detoxifies your body then start toning up.

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