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Hawaiian Herbal, Hawaii, USA - Wheat Grass Powder - 200gm (Buy 1 Get Same Drops Free)

(Mrp - Rs. 999.00) Selling Price - Rs.580.00

Hawaiian Herbal Wheat Grass Powder Maa Adishakti Multi Trade Enterprisers, An Iso 9001:2008 Certified Company Has Formulated Wheat Grass Powder In Partner With Hawaiian Herbals Located In Hawaii, Usa. Wheat Grass Powder Is A 100% Pure Certified Organic Wholesome Green Food Made From Internationally Recognized Herbs. It Is One Of The World's Richest Sources Of Nutrients In A Balanced Form, Providing Our Cells With The Nutrition Necessary For Restoring And Maintaining Good Health Also Helps The Body Resist Disease Conditions.
Ingredients: It Contains Wheat Grass (Triticum Aestivum), Barley Green Grass ( Cristesion Murinum) Alfalfa Powder And Cayenne Powder Loaded With Chlorophyll, Amino Acids, Minerals, Essential Nutrients And Several Hundred Different Enzymes Not Found In Other Foods. Wheat Grass Helps To Improve The Digestive System, Cures Constipation.It Prevent From Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular And Hair Problems. It Detoxify Heavy Metals From The Bloodstream. It Boosts Immune System. Barley Green Grass Is Used For Lowering Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, And Cholesterol, And For Promoting Weight Loss. It Is Also Used For Digestive Complaints Including Diarrhea, Stomach Pain, And Inflammatory Bowel Conditions. It Is Also Used For Increasing Strength And Endurance. Alfalfa Is A Rich Source Of Vitamins A, C, E, And K4; And Minerals Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous, And Iron. Alfalfa Is Used For Kidney Conditions, Bladder And Prostate Conditions, And To Increase Urine Flow. It Is Also Used For High Cholesterol, Asthma, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes And Upset Stomach.4           Cayenne Is Used For Digestion Problems. It Supports Cardiovascular Health. It Prevents From Infections.
Directions Of Use: 10 G Of Powder Can Be Mixed With Water, Juice Or Soup And Advised To Be Taken With Morning Meal. Please Continue For 6-12 Months Regularly For Optimum Results.
Caution: As With Any Supplement, If You Are Pregnant, Nursing Or Taking Medication, Consult Your Doctor Before Use, Discontinue Use Two Weeks Prior To Surgery. This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease.

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