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maa adishakti multi trade enterprisers, an iso 9001:2008 certified company has launched a new product in india, liv yogiani, in partnership with hawaiian herbals, hawaii usa to support the body to maintain healthy liver function. it is 100% natural product and without any side effects. it is halal and kosher certified product and has been produced under international gmp regulations. natural liver balancing herbs found in this unique formula can promote liver micro circulation, immune stimulation and provide strong liver protection. it can help in liver detoxification and maintain healthy liver function and prevent from many liver problems such as hepatitis a, b, or c, jaundice, cirrhosis, alcohol-induced fatty liver and autoimmune liver disorders. ingredients and benefits: it is enriched with wonderful herbs such as terminalia arjuna, angelica sinensis radix, cichorium intybus, patrinia villosa, phyllanthus niruri, schisandra chinensis, eclipta alba and artemisia capillaris which can provide strong liver protection. can improve liver micro circulation. can help to support healthy liver function. can assist healthy bile flow. may regulate metabolism of fats in the liver. can promote detoxification of liver, can protect liver tissues from toxins as it contains antioxidants and stimulate the liver to repair itself. can aid regeneration of liver cells. can be useful in the treatment of liver diseases like jaundice and cirrhosis. can help in restricting the growth of hepatitis virus. can relieve pain and inflammation. strengthen the immune system functioning. can be used for liver disorders, including liver damage caused by chemicals and alcohol abuse. help to relieve dyspeptic complaints, such as poor digestion and loss of appetite. directions for use: take 10 drops twice daily on an empty stomach or half an hour before meal. it can be mixed with drinking water or take straight followed with a glass of juice or water. please continue for 6-12 months regularly for optimum results.

serving size: 20 drops

serving per container: 25


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